Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God's heart to your community

We have 2 new ministers on staff at FXCC. We welcome Geoffrey and Phil! Our new executive minister and student minister, respectively. We love having them here! Fresh ideas, fresh outlook and new blood! Geoffrey has been here officially for 10 days and he has already given us 2 books to read to carry out our vision to grow God's kingdom. One is called "They like Jesus, but they hate the church" by Dan Kimball. LOVE IT! It is about how this generation of 18-30 somethings view Jesus and the church. For the most part this age group is the group we are not reaching for Christ. I suggest that if you are part of a leadership group at your church then you should read this book. Remember as Christians we are to "Go onto all the world making disciples and baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:18. As a Christian we have no higher calling. Too bad Satan knows how to distract us and focus on things that have nothing to do with saving souls.

About a year ago, our church took on the missional/visional motto "To be God's Heart to this Community". Since then we have been trying to figure out what exactly that means and how we will execute it for God's purposes.

So I want to ask you, when you see/hear "...God's heart to this community", what does it bring to mind? How would you be God's heart to your community?

I am curious to see/hear what other people think.


Suzanne said...

When I hear that I think so much more than raking leaves,which was a good thing, don't get me wrong! It is hard to define "community" in that area. But the congregation there should be known to everyone in that area. The schools should know you exist (tutoring, taking on families in need...), the hospitals (regular visits to those you hear about whether members or not),the nursing homes (more than 2 people go on Sunday's to do a real service for the residents, the teens can adopt a grandparent...),and for goodness sakes, you are right next to DC, be active in God's plan in politics! As Christians we can agree on many things that politicians decide on and can be advocates for what we know is in God's will and oppose that which is not. Be heard, speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. I am sure there is more but you gotta start somewhere.

Suzanne said...

I knew I wasn't done....

When I think of the heart, I think of it's purpose of pumping blood to vital organs. What/who are the vital organs of the community? What makes a community a community? The blood we pump is the good news and love of God. One chamber of the heart takes in the used blood and renourishes it. The church should have that chamber. Another chamber sends the blood out reloaded and ready to nourish what is on the outside, the community. The heart also nourishes itself. You have to take care of the heart, the congregation, to be able to send good blood out, blood that is equipped to nourish.

More later? Maybe :)