Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's official!

Well, I do believe that #9 won by a majority vote with #2 coming in 2nd and #8 coming in at a close 3rd. Now I can start on Christmas gifts and graduation announcements! Thanks for your help....see why it was hard for me to pick!? She is just beautiful inside and out.

It's been quite a week--we have lost a lot of money with the stock market this week. So much for retiring at any age below 65! But you know what...the Lord gives and He takes away. If He wants us to have it back...we will get it back...if not then He has a plan.

I am starting to stress about making sure I tell Chelsea all she needs to know before she goes off on her own in 9 months. My prayer is that God presents those things and that I can recognize them and put them to good use. There is so much I want to tell her but I feel like things are just spinning out of control...maybe a mom/daughter weekend away would be a good idea.

I could get into politics but I don't wanna...I don't want to hear it from the other side. I believe he is wrong...flat out wrong. I believe that even though he professes to love the Lord but doesn't use those morals/religious beliefs to guide him in his job is just WRONG....ok I said I wasn't going to get into it...sorry....

I am also tired of bullies. Christians who behave like a bully. It just makes me sad...very very sad.

I am very happy that the Biggest Loser 6 is makes me happy...very very happy.

Ok now I have to brag about my kids--They have the opportunity to go to the DR this Dec. to deliver Magi Boxes to the children. Both of my kids came to me about it and we do not have the extra $600/kid to send they are going to forego their birthday gifts in Oct and Nov. and possibly Christmas. They are only asking for family to make a donation in their name to help fund their trip. They said that they don't need or want anything other than to go to the DR and help out there! Jay and I could not be any prouder of them! I of course want to go--but my birthday is not until April! :( I am such a proud mom!

Happy weekend everyone!


Shayna Willis said...

So I hope the "he" from "he is wrong" is Obama. If so, I also abhor that he spearheads a sliding tax scale to give more to those who need it, but he himself only gave 1% to charitable donations last year. Be the change, sir. Even the Clintons, whom I find morally reprehensible, gave 10%.

Ellyn said...

I love the fact that the radio ads are so specific about why we shouldn't vote for McCain but when they talk about what Obama "will" do...they are so vague and unclear. What do they think we are stupid?!

jaime s said...

Ellyn--great to read your thoughts.

Way to go #9, although all were very good!!

I went to a really good Sunday Bible class where a panel of speakers were sharing their thoughts on parenthood. One of the ladies menioned this panic she felt as her child was beginning her last year in her home before leaving for college. Her fears were almost verbatim what you mentioned...there is so much more I want to tell her. Her biggest advice really hit me. She regretted that thought (about only having a little time left to say so much) and instead wished that she had LISTENED to her daughter more instead of trying to speak more words to her. She longed to have the time back where she could just spend time with her and listen to her heart. Listen to what she thinks, feels, values..... I am tucking away that wisdom for when I am in those shoes. Thought you might be encouraged by that.

I am happy, very, very happy that BL 6 is on too! Double excited that its on 2 nights this week instead of just one (thanks to the debates). Jillian is on my last nerve. I hate all her psychology babble and all her rampages!! I like all the contestants this year (but they all seem a little clueless when it comes to working out....Hello Grand Canyon???)!

Heather said...

WOW!!!! Those kids are AMAZING!!! Seriously, I don't know that I could name anyone else that is so giving of themselves!!! When do they need the funds by? Maybe I can help out somehow.

And I'm SO glad Biggest Loser is back on too! I don't like summers :)